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Fabulous fall color at breathtaking Bear Mountain, NY

The noontime November sun was caressing Caldwell, NJ. There was a softness in the air and the 62F temperature was pretty much perfect for a long drive. My friend Suparno told me to get ready to see the fall foliage at Bear Mountain State Park in New York State, 51 miles away. I was ecstatic.

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Journey’s over, memories remain

The spirit of the ‘Wild West’ was even more in the air when the train pulled in the gambling town of Reno (NV). I met a guy who got off at this station. He said he’d take a taxi ride into the hills and follow the routes taken by the prospectors who hunted for silver

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Experiencing the ‘Wild West’ on astonishing Amtrak

The final leg of my journey across America from New York to San Francisco begins. I spent almost the entire day sitting in the sightseers’ lounge (well, that’s the heart of the California Zephyr), beholding the red-rock canyons and mountain passes on one of the world’s most spectacular stretches of railway. As the train steamed

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Coursing through Colorado’s canyons on Amtrak

Even though the entire trip in California Zephyr takes two days and two nights, if you want, you can hop off for 24-hour whistle-stop in three places. I met a guy who’d strike out across the prairies of Iowa and Nebraska before overnighting at the little town of Granby in Colorado’s Middle Park Area. After

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Getting on board California Zephyr

As I begin to write the fourth part of my train travel across America by Amtrak, I see a front-page New York Times report slamming the Amtrak for “delaying repairs on decrepit tracks” in NY Penn Station. By putting off repairs that it mistakenly believed were not critical, the Amtrak set the stage for two

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Chugging into Chicago on amazing Amtrak

The romance of train travel from the Lake Shore’s sightseers’ lounge continued. As the train snorted down the railroad tracks, Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous poem (1885) crossed my mind. As a child, I was fascinated by his poem: Faster than fairies, faster than witches, Bridges and houses, hedges and ditches; And charging along like troops

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