‘Our roots in HK longer than many local Chinese’

Ashok Sakhrani is an eminent barrister based in Hong Kong. He shares his profound experiences of living in HK for three generations, his professional achievements and the contributions of Indian diaspora to HK’s growth.

Q: Historically there have been links between India and China from the days of Marco Polo…What is so striking about an Indian living in HK for so many years?

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Recalling 9/11 after 13 years

On this day (Sept 11) 13 years ago, as many as 5000 innocent lives were lost. American might and power got a jolt. Terrorists’ mission was successful. They dealt a severe blow to the American pride.
Terrorists’ hatred for the Americans still continues today. Bin Laden and his followers come from a culture that reinforces their hostility, distrust and hatred of the West and of America in particular. This culture does not condemn terrorism and it fuels fanaticism.
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Community care

Hong Kong Sathya Sai Centre has been doing a yeomen’s service for the local community, providing charity for the poor and needy, and imparting values-based education to parents and children.
As a spiritual organization, the centre, located at Tsim Tsa shui, Kowloon, has three wings – Seva (or service), Spiritual and Education, says Ashok Sakhrani, National chairman of the Hong Kong Sathya Sai Centre. There are also a Ladies’ Wing and a Youth Wing.

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