In the land of aboriginals

The second-leg of our journey through the desert began. The distance from Start’s Well to Mt Ebenezer Roadhouse is 164 kms. Even though there was hardly any traffic on the highway, driving through the desert needs focus and complete concentration. There were two drivers and they were taking turns. Once one finished, he went right at the back of the bus where there’s a nice bed for him to take rest. And the other driver took charge.
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Uluru: driving through desert

My Australian sojourn last month would have been far from complete if I hadn’t visited Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in central Australia.
The Qantas flight from Adelaide (three hours and fifteen minutes) landed at Alice Springs airport, a sleepy town about 500km from Uluru at 12.30pm. We took a bus from the airport and reached Desert Palms Resort around 2pm. Located in Australian outback, the hotel offers a tropical oasis in the middle of the desert. The setting of the resort is stunning with palm trees all around.
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