Keeping track of records past and present

Do you know Pratima Bandyopadhyay’s famous song—Amar hath dhore tumi niye cholo sokha-was a remake? Or that Mohd Rafi was the first Indian to sing an English pop. Do you know Jibone jare tumi daoni mala, morone keno tare dite ele phool is not a Nazrulgeeti? He would tell you all this with effortless ease and elan. He is no quiz buff strong in Indian songs. He’s a researcher who delves deep into the world of harmony.
Meet Siddhartha Dasgupta.
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In front of Uluru

Want to immerse yourself in the magic of the Australian outback? Take a trip to Uluru.
The final leg of our journey to Uluru began. As we travelled about 50km, we came across Mt Conner. Mt Conner is often mistaken for Uluru by unsuspecting tourists. When I saw Mt Conner, I could at once make out why this formation fools many people.
Mt Conner is a flat-topped hillock that is about 2821ft high, and like Uluru, is a sacred site for Yankunytjatjara people. It is located on Curtin Springs Station, and the best way to see it is to book a tour at Curtin Springs. Our bus stopped for 15 minutes. I hurriedly got off the bus to take a look as the sun was shining weakly through a cloud cover.
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