Kabir: When will Ananda Publishers correct this goof-up?

In the book Kabir by Kshtimohon Sen, on the blurb (at the back), it is written: “In 1808, Prof Sen joined Bisva-Bharati ….” This is a gross factual mistake…
How is it possible? Rabindranath Tagore was born in 1861 and Prof Sen was born in 1880.
In the column Boikolom, the Ananda Publishers used to ridicule little magazines with religious regularity, and try tenaciously to find out little flaws as if they are the final word on Bengali language and literature. The Boikolom used to make snarky comments about these little magazines and many of these magazines folded up later.
Now, look at their abysmal ignorance!!
The blatant goof-up was pointed out last year in Kolkata Book Fair. What was even more surprising was that even this year when this was pointed out, the lady at the ABP stall shrugged and said: “amader stall e dariye amader e somalochona korcchen…” (standing at our own stall, you’re critiquing us!). How audacious!
The glaring mistake on the blurb of Prof Sen’s book betrays the Publishers’ awful ignorance and shameful non-chalance.
Does the Publisher think readers are blockheads?

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