Learning Math the game way

Are your kids scared of Mathematics? Does the word ‘Math’ send shivers down their spines? Well, a learning tool is going to be available in the market soon that will make Math learning much more fun, thanks to a unique device.
A brainchild of Aprameya De, chief executive of MDN, a Kolkata-based IT firm, the device will help kids play an interesting game as they solve very many riddles and learn Math at the same time.
“Today parents are more open-minded and willing to try and experiment with different approaches for their children,” said Aprameya. “My game riddle has been conceived in such a way so that kids will find it extremely enjoyable. I am sure children will find themselves engrossed while playing the game and at the same time solve Math riddles with ease and fun. I call it an Interactive Learning Process.”
The game centres around a story: Gaam is a mischievous little boy. The bane of his life is Mathematics. He scored a consistent ‘zero’ in all his Math exams in school.
Fearing another ‘zero’ in the exam, he ran away from the school on the day the results were to be declared. As he was in a tearing hurry to flee, he collided with a tantrik on the way. The tantrik was carrying some precious notes (documents) and they fell down and lay scattered all over the road.
A dhobi’s (washer man) ass, passing by, gobbled up all the notes. The livid tantric said either Gaam or the ass would be offered as sacrifice. However, the tantrik said if Gaam could get back all the notes, he would tell the boy where to look for Aryabhatta’s Diary so that Gaam would no longer have Math’s fright and get ‘zero’ in Math.
While searching for the notes, Gaam solves several hurdles (which are actually Maths problems). Finally, he finds the notes and gets Aryabhatta’s Diary.
Gaam’s days of ‘Math’s misery’ are over and he is no longer afraid of Math.
Aprameya, who holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Jadavpur University, India, is upbeat about his project. “I will launch it in October just before Durga Puja,” he told over the phone from Naihati, his hometown, about 38km from Kolkata, India.

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