Why people go for doctor bashing

Why do people go for doctor bashing or hospital vandalism? People have been witness to doctors’ lack of accountability, their inhuman faces and malpractices and private hospitals’ mindless profiteering and utter neglect for years. Irrational drug prescribing, kickbacks for referrals, needless investigations and surgical procedures are widespread in private hospitals. Things have come to such a pass that people have lost trust in the entire healthcare system.
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Mamata sermon for private hospitals

Mamata Banerjee’s efforts to generate employment in West Bengal through big ticket investment have fallen through. Her government won’t act as a facilitator for ensuring land to industrialists as it runs counter to her policy of letting farmers decide whether they would part with their land or not. This hands-off policy has made prospective investors stay away from investing to set up industries in Bengal. Acquiring land has proved to be the major bottleneck for growth of infrastructure and industry in the state.
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Are private hospitals’ malpractices a recent phenomenon?

It’s been a long time private hospitals in West Bengal are taking people for a ride. Profit is their sole motive. And ‘service’ is strictly no-no. Whenever a patient lands in their territories, his or her families are at their mercy. Doctors (barring a few), overpowered by greed, have become depraved mercenaries.
Medical negligence and a large number of doctors’ utter irresponsibility and unethical practices have been a serious issue for years. Unfortunately, the previous government led by the CPI(M) patriarch, Jyoti Basu, who was in the saddle for more than 23 years, didn’t bother to look into the matter.
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