US Presidential poll: leadership deficit

While travelling in the US last month, it came to my mind why current world leaders have failed to inspire their countrymen and why the quality of political leadership has declined.
Thomas L Friedman in his column in New York Times says there are many explanations for the ‘global leadership deficit’. And he’d focus on two: “One generational and the other technological”.
But, I’d like to add a third to this deplorable decline in leadership qualities: lack of humility and knowledge deficit.

Take for example, the case of Matt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate. I was reading his book, No Apology. (I picked up the copy from Barnes and Noble in Rockville, MD). I was wondering how one can be so conceited; the book’s Foreword shows in no uncertain terms the author’s boundless arrogance and infinite superciliousness.
Matt Rom
If a nation is headed by an individual like him, it poses a great threat to humanity. I am sure this Republican leader has forgotten a Biblical truth: Love thy neighbor as thyself. Tolerance and universal acceptance which is badly needed at this hour is sadly missing from Romney’s book.
I wonder at times why we’ve become so bloated, and why is there so much of skulduggery!
Unless you show empathy for your countrymen and concern for your foes, how can you possibly perk up your countrymen?
Being a world leader and if elected US President, he’d surely promote world peace. But, if one is small-minded and so boastful, how can one promote world peace.
I am reminded of Einstein’s famous words: “Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value.”

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