Where have all those feminists gone?

Arup Bhandari laid down his life on February 2 fighting to protect women’s dignity. The brave soul fought goons single-handedly but slumped to ground when he was hit with sticks and rods. The intrepid 23-year-old from Salkia, Howrah, who sometimes worked as a civic police volunteer, faced the fury and wrath of five young men when he raised his voice and protested against women’s harassment.
He died unnoticed, unsung.
Where have all those feminists and liberated ladies gone?
Where are you? Where are those platitudes?
We haven’t seen any michchils yet by these self-proclaimed fighters for women rights. Have we?
Those who hit the streets often to scream out against molestation and rapes, haven’t yet been seen on michchilinagori Kolkata streets.
Where have all these ‘so-called’ women social activists, writers and filmmakers gone? Where’s their voice?
Don’t keep mum; please speak out.
Please come and bring out a small procession, at least.
Come on! Say a few words extolling this brave soul who sacrificed his life to protect women’s dignity and rights.
Please say “We salute you, Arup”
Will you?
Or else your hypocrisy will be exposed!

The four-month students’ movement at Jadavpur University that started with the demand for justice for an alleged molestation victim ended in the vice chancellor’s resignation. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any procession from the university students screaming out in defence of Arup.
Where have all those university girl students (who raised their voice against the alleged molestation) gone?
Have they ever brought out any procession wailing for Arup?
Come on girls, take out a procession and salute this brave soul.

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