Why China a sport superpower

London Olympic has shown in no uncertain terms that China’s progress is not only confined to its rising economy, the nation has made giant stride in sport, too. Barring the scandal involving its badminton team throwing matches, Team China’s performance is incredible.

I wonder why some critics have tried to find fault in their spectacular achievement. An analyst has pointed out that the Chinese government’s attitude towards its successful athletes has come under scrutiny. According to him, the government has sent messages of congratulations to athletes through the state news agency only to gold medalists, and not those winning silver or bronze.
“It is too narrow to look at the Olympics purely through the prism of medals,” said another analyst. “It is also about sweat, tears, hardships … peace, freedom, and justice.” While China continues to dominate the medal table it is unlikely there will be any significant shift in a system that is regarded with pride within Chinese political circles, the analyst adds.
Let’s focus on the country’s positive achievements.
Look at the dogged determination and single-minded devotion of not only the Chinese diver, Wu Minxia but also her family. Only after she won, her family revealed the secret they had kept under wraps for several years: Wu’s parents decided not to tell her about the death of her grandparents and of her mother’s battle with breast cancer until after she won the 3-meter springboard in London. Her father Wu Yuming said he had felt it was necessary so that she could focus on her preparations. Such is the family’s commitment and devotion to her pursuit and passion for success.
Potential athletes in China are often picked up at a very young age and put up in specialist training schools where they practise for hours days after days. Wu began training daily at a diving camp when she was 6. When she was 16, she had left home to practise at a government aquatic sports center.
While China continues to dominate the Olympic medal table, it’s time critics stopped finding faults in their system and admired the sport persons’ unshakable zeal and efforts.

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