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Saving Penalty Kick: Should a Striker Get a Second Chance?

Watching England captain Harry Kane scoring on the penalty rebound against Denmark at Wembley stadium, I thought it’s a great injustice to a gallant goalkeeping, especially when the penalty decision was hugely controversial and contentious! Can the rule be tweaked now? Scoring a goal in the second attempt shouldn’t be allowed. English midfielder Raheem Sterling

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Masks not a ‘muzzled misery’, they saved lives in the 1918 flu pandemic  

Social distancing and wearing masks isn’t a new idea in the battle against the pandemic. They saved thousands of lives during the 1918 flu pandemic which lasted from February 2018 to April 2020. The efforts implemented then to stem the flu’s spread in cities across America — and the outcomes — may offer lessons for

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Corona: A time to revisit Camus

As the coronavirus pandemic paralyses the world and continues its ravages, I’m reminded of the great French novelist, Albert Camus. In La Peste, (The Plague) Camus ends the novel (1947) by saying: “The plague never dies or disappears for good; it lies dormant for years and years in furniture, and linen-chests; it bides its time

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Corona, Cartoons & Sketches of Suparno

Remember R.K. Laxman’s “You Said It”, the timeless cartoon strip published in Times of India that delighted millions of readers every morning? Amid this corona catastrophe, when we’re missing Laxman and his immortal creations, faraway across the Atlantic in Maryland, US, Suparno Chaudhuri, an Indian digital marketing strategist, has taken up the cudgels against the

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Combating Covid: Tale of a silent warrior in India

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While the media across the world are covering stories of ‘celebrity’ donations amid the Covid pandemic, there are fewer stories about the real heroes who’re battling on the ground and fighting silently behind-the-scenes, away from media glare without bothering about publicity and media blitz. Tucked away in the remote villages of central India, a septuagenarian

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Backpackers’ Guru of Interlaken

My Swiss sojourn would have been far from complete had I not met Erich Balmer, the backpackers’ guru of Interlaken in the Bernese Oberland. At 75, Erich exudes extraordinary energy and vitality. Every single movement speaks of his abiding zest for life and boundless enthusiasm. His ever smiling face and endearing mien was amazing. “Hey,

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