Singapore: Awesome Astons

Today is Jishu’s birthday: 26 June. We decided to have our dinner at Astons at City Square Mall, Singapore’s first eco-mall.
For Astons, it’s been an amazing journey—-how a small stall in a coffee shop in just five years has grown into one of Singapore’s leading F&B brands with more than 20 outlets spanning across the city-state.
The outlet has three distinctive concepts—Astons Specialities, Astons Express and Astons Prime. And it promises the public impeccable service and an array of delectable and mouth-watering western cuisine at virtually any household’s budget.

After waiting for about half an hour, we got into the restaurant’s tastefully decorated interior. The smiling attendant ushered us in and we took our seats. For starters, we ordered cream mushroom soup with garlic bread. What amazed me was its prompt service. The dish quickly found its way to our table. We began with a bang as we’re terribly hungry. The soup was excellent, just out-of-the world! The bread quality was second to none.
For the main course we ordered chargrilled chicken, black pepper chicken and crispy fried fish with vegetables. Each order comes with two side dishes. (You can choose from the menu…you have baked potato, potato salad, mashed potato, French fries among others)
The food was brought in no time. The mashed potato reminded us of Popeye’s (Lousiana-based fast food chain) we visited during our stay in the US last month.
By the way, whenever our friends Suparno and Malabika (they stay in Silver Spring, MD) got an opportunity, they drove us to Popeye’s. (Popeye’s biscuits are just mouth-melting)
Whenever you’re in Singapore, your experience would be far from complete if you don’t step into Astons.
Foodies, take note!!

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