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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Singapore’s Calcutta connection

Few know that Singapore and Calcutta have long-standing relationship which dates back from the early 20th century. Over the past two months I made an attempt to visit those places imbued with history.

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When memories light up lives

It is a magical experience of arts and heritage. It’s a nocturnal extravaganza of spectacular aerial performance, mesmerizing music, delightful dance and amazing installation artworks at the heart of Bras Basah in Singapore.

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Food wastage! Think of hungry souls

When I read science writer Matt Ridley, the author of The Rationale Optimist: How prosperity evolves, he says: “It is not insane to believe in a happy future for people and the planet.” But, when I read the Washington Post story on food waste yesterday, I cannot share his sunny outlook about the world.

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Lessons from economic slump

As one reads newspapers and magazines today, what strikes one are frequently-used words: Slowdown, slump, Euro debt crisis…The slowing global economy has severely hit ordinary people, who are reeling under the double whammy of soaring inflation and economic slowdown.

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Learning Math the game way

Are your kids scared of Mathematics? Does the word ‘Math’ send shivers down their spines? Well, a learning tool is going to be available in the market soon that will make Math learning much more fun, thanks to a unique device.
A brainchild of Aprameya De, chief executive of MDN, a Kolkata-based IT firm, the device will help kids play an interesting game as they solve very many riddles and learn Math at the same time.

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Is plagiarism the future of journalism?

When people make silly mistakes and take bad decisions, the results are sure to haunt them, but when these things happen to magazines like Time or news channels like CNN, they can have an impact and it can change the media history.
With the Time magazine and the CNN revoking the suspension of Fareed Zakaria, the noted Indian-American journalist, who was axed last week by both Time and CNN for alleged plagiarism, the question now arises whether plagiarism really is a vice or not.

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Singapore shines

Singapore is shining. And it will keep shining at least till 2050. According to wealth report 2012 released by Knight Frank and Citi Private Bank, Singapore was the “richest country per capita in 2010 and will remain at the top even as far as 2050”. By 2050, the report says, Singapore is expected to have a chart-topping GDP per capita of $137,710.

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