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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Politicking over Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has left leaving in its trail death and devastation. But in this election season it may play its part in the US even though both President Obama and Republican nominee Romney are working overtime so that people cannot blame them for politicking over Sandy.

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Why Hurricanes so named

They are very sweet and endearing names—Katrina, Irene and Sandy. But, they are femme fatale! Deep inside they are lethal; they caused unprecedented damage and devastation.

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Where death fears to tread

I was reading a story in The New York Times. It’s about a place they call “The Island where people forget to die.”
The place is the island of Ikaria in Greece.

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Newsweek closure not a threat to print journalism

I was deeply saddened by the news that Newsweek, one of the most internationally recognized magazine brands in the world, will cease publishing its print edition after nearly 80 years. The weekly current affairs magazine’s final edition will hit newsstands on December 31. The decision to go all-digital underscores the problems faced by newsweeklies, as more consumers favor tablets and mobile devices over print in an increasingly commoditized, 24-hour news cycle.

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Persons With Special Needs: Learning for life program

Driving to Glenmoore (in Pennsylvania) from Silver Spring (Maryland, US) was a soul-stirring experience. We were overwhelmed by the serene beauty of nature: lush green fields and serene woodlands. Our mission was to take a look up and close of the Learning for Life program for persons with special needs in the US.

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World’s first Alpine high-speed rail

What strikes me most about China’s stunning progress is its Speed and Scale. The country always thinks BIG and whatever it does, it employs enormous speed.

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Lata-Rafi row: Bitter tune

It is truly unfortunate that so many years after the passing away of the legendary playback singer, Mohammed Rafi, singing diva Lata Mangeshkar has chosen to revive a bitter episode that both singers were embroiled in.

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