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Monthly Archives: March 2015

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Brahmananda Bhavan: Morning prayer at RK Mission Narendrapur

My morning destination: Narendrapur RK Mission Residential College
I went to attend the morning prayer at Brahmananda Bhavan…
Reached the captivating college campus well before 6am
As I strolled down the dew-drenched lush grounds, twittering of birds greeted me. With morning mist enveloping the ashrama campus and crisp air embalmed with fabulous fragrance creating an ethereal spectacle, Nature’s awesome splendor overwhelmed me.

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Lee Kuan Yew: A brilliant mind

Singapore, as we see it today, is Lee Kuan Yew’s baby. Lee led Singapore from 1959 until 1990, an era in which it rose “from Third World to First,” as he titled his 2000 book on the former British colony’s modern history.
It was Lee’s dream that Singapore becomes a vibrant, thriving and corruption-free state. Lee made his dream come true through his vision, determination, insightful statesmanship and pragmatism.

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A professor’s passion for Bhutan

Thimphu-based Sanjeev Mehta, professor of Economics at Royal Thimphu College, has been living in Bhutan for over two decades. He has developed the curriculum for BA (Hons) course in Economics and has been a member of the academic board. Prof Mehta has also worked as a UNDP International Consultant for developing the Industrial Policy of Bhutan. He has been a guest faculty at the College for Science and Technology, Kharbandi, and the Royal Institute of Management, Thimphu.

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Debesh Chakravarty: A drama teacher’s lust for theatre

If you happen to stroll down the Southern Avenue and pass by the Lake in south Kolkata, you may hear sound of foot-tapping, cheerful cries, and the buzz and stirring murmur from a little distance…a group of budding actors learning techniques of acting under close observation of an octogenarian. His passion for dramatics and commitment is amazing. He’s been training students over the past four decades with utmost devotion and sincerity.
Meet Debesh Chakravarty.

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Basanta Utsav Santiniketan

Basanta Utsav kicked off with the traditional rendering of Tagore’s Khol daar khol….
To be honest, I wasn’t present at the Utsav Prangon, but I was at a place very close to where the celebrations (or shall I say revelry and merry-making) were on…
I could clearly hear Rabi Thakurer soul-stirring song.

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Day 2: Biding in Bolpur

I’ve beaten kokils today
You know how? Today I woke up even before they could start twittering..
As I write this, only now I could hear them chirping …
Birbhumer bhor bela!
What a feeling! What a divine sensation!

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Savoring nature’s spendour at Basanta Utsav Santiniketen

Destination Santiniketan: I left Kolkata at 4pm and reached Bolpur around 9pm last evening (March 4).
Usually it takes three to three and half hours. But I had to pick up my sister (she teaches at Kalyani University) on the way.Besides, with four-day holiday coming on a platter, crazy Kolkatans hit the roads in droves!!!
On our way, we stopped at Shaktigarh to taste the legendary langcha! Remember the famous Shaktigarer langcha. I took as many as four of them. I also took chhanar goja. It’s fabulous.

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