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Durga Puja and Bengalis’ decadence

Fragrance of shiuli, silvery white kaash phool swaying gently against an azure sky herald the festive season for the Bengalis. The poet’s heart leaps up in joy–eshehchey sharot himer posrosh… There’s happiness in the air. People heave a sigh of relief following an uninterrupted and unbearable spell of sticky, sultry and humid summer.
Bengalis yearn for this time of the year amid all angst and misery. Forgetting all woes and pains they remain immersed in this time of festivity and fun.

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Basanta Utsav Santiniketan

Basanta Utsav kicked off with the traditional rendering of Tagore’s Khol daar khol….
To be honest, I wasn’t present at the Utsav Prangon, but I was at a place very close to where the celebrations (or shall I say revelry and merry-making) were on…
I could clearly hear Rabi Thakurer soul-stirring song.

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Savoring nature’s spendour at Basanta Utsav Santiniketen

Destination Santiniketan: I left Kolkata at 4pm and reached Bolpur around 9pm last evening (March 4).
Usually it takes three to three and half hours. But I had to pick up my sister (she teaches at Kalyani University) on the way.Besides, with four-day holiday coming on a platter, crazy Kolkatans hit the roads in droves!!!
On our way, we stopped at Shaktigarh to taste the legendary langcha! Remember the famous Shaktigarer langcha. I took as many as four of them. I also took chhanar goja. It’s fabulous.

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An American’s encounter with Ma Durga

An American artist has created a 3D magic in this year’s Durga Pujo. California-based Tracy Lee Stum, a world record-holder in the art form she pursues, will provide pandal hoppers a unique experience at a Haridevpur pandal, a five-minute drive from the Tollygunge Metro station.

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