Indian media: Sport-fetish Page 1

Watching front-pages over the past two months in countries like US, France, Singapore and China, I have a feeling that Indian media is unduly focused on sport.
Don’t we have other newsworthy items to feature on Page 1?
It baffles me why Indian newspapers are taking up so much of Page 1 space for Euro 2012.
I’ve seen Le Monde in Paris while French Open was underway. But, the paper never carried French Open on Page 1…
I have read New York Times, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun and even Boston Globe while travelling in the US earlier this month. But never did I see Sport taking up Page 1 space!
When will Indian media come of age!

Look at Times of India, The Telegraph and Hindustan Times….all leading newspapers in India! They’re busy featuring Euro football on Page 1!!
It beats me, really. I can’t make out why. Why is sport on Page 1!!
Indian economy is passing through hard times; the country’s growth story faces stumbling blocks. And Indian media is dishing out sport stories on Page 1! Strange!
I’d call the media irresponsible and feel pity on its grossly mediocre mindset.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (who also holds finance portfolio) expressed concern and emphasized on “animal spirit” to bring Indian economy back on its feet.
Come on Indian media, it’s time you showed your sense and sensibility.

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