Singapore: Second Coming

For me it’s Second Coming.
We landed in the city-state, where ‘LEARNING is a passion’. We’re wonderstruck by Changi international airport Terminal 3 facilities. Last week I was at JFK, New York.
But, Changi is an architectural delight.
Wow! Plush interior, swank décor and user-friendly utilities
Passenger comfort is Changi’s priority.

When we arrived at JFK, I had to pay $5 to get a cart for carrying my baggage. Even when we were returning from New York we had to shell out $1 to take a cart. “In New York, everything is expensive, you know,” says an airport staff at JFK.
I nodded. But, at Changi, no such thing! Well, JFK has seven terminals, while Changi has three.
From the moment we came out of Singapore Airlines’ Airbus 330-300, we were captivated by the airport’s grand design. Every single step, you discover a touch of sense and sensibility.
I walked up to Information Desk and was readily connected to WiFi. Then we took the elevator down to immigration desk. After clearing immigration formalities, we proceeded to Baggage Claim area. We were amazed to see our cricket bat and racquet coming out of a place with ‘Odd-size baggage’ written on it.
Everyone is at work—from the sweeper to any airport officials. No gossiping or talking!! No frown or grumbling, when you approach any staff. They are ready to extend help.
This is ‘work culture’. This is soul of Singapore. This is Singaporeans’ warmth. Amazing…
Our CM Mamata Banerjee wants to transform Kolkata into London. Good…well-intentioned. It is time she made a pledge to make Kolkata look like Singapore. Just four hours’ flight from the City of Joy (Is it really?).
We took two cabs to reach our destination: Tae Hoe Hotel, near Farrer Park MRT station. The cabbies are well-mannered and friendly.
We checked in on the fourth floor room—-spacious and spic and span.
On June 18, we woke up very early at 5am. My wife has to get ready to report to MoE by 9am. She will join MoE as Education Officer. Our friends (Suparno and Malabika) from Maryland, US, called up and wished her good luck.
We left for Buona Vista, where MoE Tower is located. We took the subway from Fearrer Park and got off at Outram Park MRT and then took the Red Line to Buona Vista.
Her induction program at MoE Tower started from 9am. After she walked in, Jishu and I went to a café at Biopolis building nearby. I ordered lemon tea while Jishu took a cup of coffee.
Soma’s Day One induction program got over at 1pm.

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