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Savoring nature’s spendour at Basanta Utsav Santiniketen

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Savoring nature’s spendour at Basanta Utsav Santiniketen

Destination Santiniketan: I left Kolkata at 4pm and reached Bolpur around 9pm last evening (March 4).
Usually it takes three to three and half hours. But I had to pick up my sister (she teaches at Kalyani University) on the way.Besides, with four-day holiday coming on a platter, crazy Kolkatans hit the roads in droves!!!
On our way, we stopped at Shaktigarh to taste the legendary langcha! Remember the famous Shaktigarer langcha. I took as many as four of them. I also took chhanar goja. It’s fabulous.
As our car screeched to a halt on the highway, I was stunned by the countless langchar dokaan. What was even more intriguing was their name…. Langcha Dham, Langcha Mohol, Langcha Niketan, Langcha Kutir and what not… “Tui Bangla obhidhaney aar kono naam pabi na, era sob byabohaar kore phelechchey, (they have used all possible names available in Bengali dictionary), my sister pointed out jokingly.
Langcha Kuthi distributes a leaflet:”langcha kuthir langcha khati, na chaakhle jibon maati”
Damn interesting!
After indulging in the scrumptious sweets, we left for our destination. As we were driving, I could see the vast expanse on either side…bathed in moonlit magic…the distant horizon looked divine and ethereal.
I longed to get away from the chaos and cacophony called Kolkata. I was craving for this. My weary heart yearned for this surreal sight. As the car drove past Burdwan district and entered Birbhum, I could see the difference in topography! The moonlight setting brought in such majestic grandeur! Such nightly splendor blew my mind!
I could imagine why Rabi Thakur chose this place on earth for his abode.
I was dog-tired and fagged out, and hit the sack moments after I reached my sister’s in-laws’ place.
I woke up at 5am to the the chirping of sparrows and twittering of birds.
Just amazing! I will walk down go to the Pous Mela Ground now where the Basanta Utsav will start soon.
I’m enjoying my stay—in the lap of Nature!!

(To be continued)

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