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Bullets can’t silence brush

Bullets can’t silence brush

As I write this Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo announced that the lights of the Eiffel Tower would be shut off at 8pm (local time). Meanwhile, armed French police have been scouring forests in north east of Paris for the two French-Algerian Muslim brothers suspected of mounting the deadly terrorist attacks on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo that left 12 persons, including 10 journalists dead.
It’s scary to ponder over the possibility of many such extremists ready to launch assaults in the name of Allah, spread in cities and neighbourhoods across the world.
Such an undefined army!
I really don’t know how we can stop this mindless mayhem other than going in hard against those that have red flags and for sure that would mean blurring lines between law enforcement and racial profiling. The continuing outrage, condemnation and disassociation by most Islam communities, helps but despite this, attacks seem to be on the rise.

Stephanie Charbonnier: spunky stroke

We must do more to undermine the recruitment of young soldiers to this cause by Jihad cells. Muslims themselves must get seriously involved in the detection, monitoring, education and yes, protection of these young, fundamentalist fighters.
It’s a fact that these guys had flags raised against them in National Security registers but I’m also sure that they raised flags in the communities, in which they lived, in the heads of many moderate-thinking Muslims.

As Vir Sanghvi rightly tweeted: “I hope every Indian newspaper reproduces these cartoons tomorrow; We should not let fanatics silence us.”

Remember we’re not fighting Islam. We’re fighting terrorists; we’re fighting these swivel-eyed loons.

One of the last cartoons drawn by Stephanie 'Charb'

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