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Obama’s digital strategy: River of Content

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Obama’s digital strategy: River of Content

President Barack Obama has drafted a team of tech-savvy guys to revamp his digital communications strategy to reach out to wider audience. The team is tasked with producing a series of videos, digital op-eds, Facebook and Twitter posts, and six-second animated GIFs (Graphics Internet Format) to capture a larger audience than the mainstream media’s shrinking number of viewers and readers.
My childhood friend Suparno Chaudhuri’s (New Jersey, US) views on President Barack Obama’s River of Content is truly thought-provoking; it’s awesome.
President Obama’s State of Union speech on January 20 is inspiring in ‘an era of hard times’:
“We’ve had 58 straight months of job growth, the number of uninsured Americans is at an all-time low, and we’ve taken important steps forward on curbing climate change and reforming our immigration system. We’ve made some amazing progress….
With your help, we’re only going to make more this year.

President Obama: audacity of hope

If we’re going to keep making things happen — if we are serious about making higher education an option for all of our young people, about creating better-paying jobs, and if we want to keep fighting to raise the minimum wage, I need supporters like you, who won’t quit, standing by my side and making your voice heard. This is a group effort, and each of us has a role to play. So if you’re committed to sticking with me this year, add your name and let Congress know that we still have the thing that matters most — a great team:
It’s the hard work of Americans like you that allows us to keep moving forward, so I hope you’ll stick with me.”

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