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A second chance

A second chance

The name is absolutely apt. It gives you truly a second chance for a new life!

Based in Switzerland, 2nd Chance, a non-profit organization, does reconstructive surgery in emerging countries. Their motto is: Reconstruction Surgery for Life Reconstruction.

The association provides the academic and technical framework needed by surgeons who are willing to use their knowledge to help traumatized patients. Mutilated by congenital defects, burns or war wounds, or suffering from crippling diseases, many people wait for a surgical treatment which will enable them to begin their lives anew.
A guy named Gregory Grobon in the U.S. rode on his bike across the country to raise funds for 2nd Chance. He travelled from Los Angeles to New York, covering 5,770 km through 14 states, in 9 weeks.

For more information on 2nd Chance, log on to their website www.2nd-chance.org.

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